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Paul DiPersio, Sr., musician and pianist, is an officer candidate nominee of the United States Air Force, 1959-1963. He is a self-taught pianist and learned to play at the USAF Military Base Officers' Club where he served. Paul is currently the in-house pianist at Indian Pond County Club in Kingston, MA. He also performs live at many other venues in and around the New England area. For details or more information, please visit our "Shows" page.

Paul DiPersio, Sr., began playing the piano while serving in the United States Air Force as a young man. His commanding officer took an interest in his willingness to learn and encouraged him to explore his creative outlet. Many nights he frequently found himself sitting at the single piano located in the (often empty) Officers’ Club ballroom. During his service days, Paul played night after night by listening and imitating recordings of world-famous pianists. He had never taken a lesson or studied music in any formal sense, but simply had a talent and passion to “play by ear.”


More than 40 years later, he became inspired once again and decided to perform publicly for the first time in four decades to help raise money for American Veterans, their families and the thousands of children dealing with terminal illness in our country. Service: USAF, 1959-1963

Paul has distributed countless Christmas, holiday and instrumental albums over the past 20 years in an effort to raise money for disabled veterans through “Homes For Our Troops” ( And through his music, he has also contributed his time and talents to help raise money for “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital” (

This artistic contribution is a humble reminder of all the men and women that have served our country and risked their lives fighting for our freedom. As well, this is Paul's effort to find a way to give back to the thousands of children suffering from cancer or illness across the country.

All songs performed on these albums were recorded by pianists Paul DiPersio, Sr., his granddaughter Colleen S., violinist John Donahoe, Jr., vocalist, Sharon Zeffiro and a collection of other musicians. Our grateful appreciation is extended to all the additional contributing writers, artists and musicians who have remained nameless on these productions and/or recordings.

Special thanks to Indian Pond Country Club, Kingston, MA ( and Tripp Street Soundworks ( for their continuing contributions and the use of their businesses.

These recordings were produced exclusively for (listed) approved organizations supporting disabled American Veterans and cancer research. All proceeds and donations should be made directly to Homes For Our Troops or St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Please visit or for more information or to donate.


In no case shall donations, payments or fees be made directly to the producer(s), artist(s) or musician(s) of these recordings. Reproduction for resale or other commercial use is strictly prohibited.

For ordering information, marketing and/or promotional sales, please contact DiPersioDesign, Creative Marketing. Copyright ©2023

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